North Korea Stimulates Nuclear Strike To Warn The US

North Korea has said they have conducted mock nuclear strike tests to warn the United States. The warning aimed at sending a message to the US that the country was able to protect itself in case of a nuclear war. The country launched several cruise missiles with some of them armed with mock nuclear weapons.

Nuclear War Danger

The Korean Central News Agency reported that the military conducted tactical military drills to show their strength to regional US allies. The North Korean military commission issued a “written drill order” to showcase the importance of the military exercises.

Nuclear arms experts suggest that even if there is a war like situation between two nuclear armed countries, none of them will use it as it can destroy both the nations.

US & Gangsters of S. Korea

The statement from the North Korea military called upon the US for its provocative actions by conducting joint exercises with “gangsters of the Republic of Korea (S. Korea)”. The US, Japan and South Korea recently held meetings at Camp David to bolster military ties amid threats from North Korea and China.

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