China Running Fake News Outlets For Propaganda in S. Korea

China is running fake news outlets to spread pro-China propaganda in South Korea.

South Korean Intelligence suspects that the Chinese Communist Party is involved in making news outlets that resemble real South Korean news websites. 

China Running Fake News Websites

The South Korean news agency The Korea Herald reported that China has deployed extensive influence operations in South Korea to influence the masses.

It quoted that South Korean intelligence officials have been investigating phony sites that looked like South Korean websites.

The websites have published fake stories criticizing South Korea’s participation in the democracy summit chaired by the US.

S. Korea Shutting Down 38 Websites

In response, the South Korean government has banned 38 fake websites that have been involved in spreading fake news.

“The NIS believes that the websites made by the Chinese agencies could be a part of Beijing’s covert online influence operations”, The Strait Times said.

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