Russian invasion of ukraine

Ukrainian Capital Saw Mysterious Object Falling From Sky

A mysterious object that lit up the skies of the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, fell from the sky, vanishing immediately after it was captured on phones. The Air Force brushed aside speculations of a possible Russian missile because it didn’t explode and had no trajectory like that of the missile.

Putin Threatens Nuclear Escalation On Arming Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened to unleash nuclear weapons in his latest speech. In his speech, he suspended Russia’s participation in the only nuclear arms control agreement with the United States. Putin said that he had signed a decree to “put new ground-based strategic systems” on the ground. 

President Biden Visits Ukraine Ahead Of War Anniversary

US President Joe Biden makes a surprise visit to the Ukrainian capital today. He arrived in the Ukrainian capital just 4 days ahead of the first war anniversary. Joe Biden’s visit was unannounced and was under complete secrecy, to show support for President Volodymyr Zelensky and Ukraine’s resistance against the Russian invasion. He arrived by train after 10 hours of travel from Poland’s border.

US Warns Its Citizens To Leave Russia Immediately

The US has urged its citizens in Russia to leave the country immediately over security concerns. Amid escalating situation in Ukraine, the US has issued warning to its citizens in Russia to leave at once fearing that Russia could harass or even imprison the US citizens.

Report Shows Russia Lost 1,688 Tanks In Ukraine

A recent report has revealed that Russia has lost 1,500 tanks since it invaded Ukraine last year. Putin miscalculated his invasion which he thought would take no more than one month. The Dutch monitoring group said that Russia invaded Ukraine with 3,000 tanks and has lost around 1,500 till this day.

Putin Is Weaponizing Food, Says Fertilizer Giant

Amid the accusations of ‘weaponising gas’ to Europe, now Putin has been accused of weaponsing food by heads of world’s biggest fertiliser firms. The accusations came as a surprise to many as Turkiye and Russia sealed wheat deals several times, which UN recently praised. Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused supply issues and energy prices have skyrocketed.

Russia Issued Free Sperm Freezing Facility To Soldiers In Ukraine

Russian troops that are fighting in Ukraine are being offered free sperm freezing facilities by the health ministry. Now Russian soldiers that are involved in Russia’s special operation in Ukraine can freeze their sperm in Cryobanks. The Russian health ministry will provide financial assistance along with medical insurance to its soldiers.

Daughter Of Putin’s Closest Ideologue Killed In Car Explosion.

Daria Dugina, the daughter of Alexander Dugin, was killed when her car exploded when she was returning from a cultural festival along with her father. According to investigators, at around  9.30pm, Daria Dugina’s Toyota Land cruiser Prado  was torn apart by a mighty explosion about 20 km west of the capital near the village of Bolshiye Vyazemy at about local time. The father of Daria, Alexander Dugin is a Russian nationalist ideologist, known in the West as “Putin’s brain” and “Putin’s philosopher” for being the closest ideological ally to Putin.