President Biden Visits Ukraine Ahead Of War Anniversary

US President Joe Biden makes a surprise visit to the Ukrainian capital today. He arrived in the Ukrainian capital just 4 days ahead of the first war anniversary. Joe Biden’s visit was unannounced and was under complete secrecy, to show support for President Volodymyr Zelensky and Ukraine’s resistance against the Russian invasion. He arrived by train after 10 hours of travel from Poland’s border.

Democracy Stands

President Joe Biden’s visit was unintentionally welcomed with sirens signaling possible Russian airstrikes. The meeting was a boost to unwavering US and western support for the people of Ukraine. “Ukraine stands. Democracy stands,” President Biden said at the residence of Ukraine’s president in Mariinsky Palace.

Putin’s War Is Failing

Biden hinted at more economic and military aid with sanctions on the Russian economy. The US president pledged to release more military aid of around $500 million in the coming days. “Putin’s war of conquest is failing,” he said giving a clear message to Russian president Putin.

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