US Warns Its Citizens To Leave Russia Immediately

The US has urged its citizens in Russia to leave the country immediately over security concerns. Amid escalating situation in Ukraine, the US has issued warning to its citizens in Russia to leave at once fearing that Russia could harass or even imprison the US citizens.

Illegal Detentions

The US embassy issued a warning that US citizens may have to face illegal detentions and harassment by the Russia security forces. The announcement is not a surprise to many as Russian forces are facing an intense resistance from the Ukrainian forces. 

Do Not Travel To Russia

The embassy has warned the US citizens to exercise extreme caution as the relations between two powers continue to escalate further. The statement said, “Do not travel to Russia”. It is also possible that the Russian government could force US citizens to fight in Ukraine along with Russian forces. It is not the first time that US citizens have been warned to leave Russia. The last such warning was in September when Russian president Putin partially mobilised its armed forces.

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