Report Shows Russia Lost 1,688 Tanks In Ukraine

A recent report has revealed that Russia has lost 1,500 tanks since it invaded Ukraine last year. Putin miscalculated his invasion which he thought would take no more than one month. The Dutch monitoring group said that Russia invaded Ukraine with 3,000 tanks and has lost around 1,500 till this day.

Visual Evidence

Onyx, an intelligence analysis platform, has been tracking down the losses of Russian equipment since it invaded neighbouring Ukraine. The list only included destroyed vehicles and equipment that could be verified by photographic or video only. This shows that the Russian losses are likely to be much higher as there are hundreds more who could not be verified.

544 Tanks Captured

Out of the total 1,688 tanks, 544 were reported to be captured by the Ukrainian forces. In October Last year, Forbes reported that Russian forces have been fleeing and leaving behind 10 advanced tanks each day. The recent report is a question mark on the Russian military capabilities as they fight against a much weaker enemy. 

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