Putin Is Weaponizing Food, Says Fertilizer Giant

Amid the accusations of ‘weaponising gas’ to Europe, now Putin has been accused of weaponsing food by heads of world’s biggest fertilizer firms. The accusations came as a surprise to many as Turkiye and Russia sealed wheat deals several times, which UN recently praised. Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused supply issues and energy prices have skyrocketed.

Scarcity For Food

World leader must cut their reliance on Russian fertilizers and energy, said Svein Tore Holsether, Yara’s head. Moscow is the leading fertilizer exporter and of the chemicals that are required to make fertilizers. But Moscow’s recent invasion of Ukraine has disturbed the global supply of food and energy, which is essential for fertilizer production elsewhere. “They’re (Russia) weaponizing food,” he told BBC.

End Of “Cheap Food” Era

Acquiring food will be almost impossible amid an increase in its production costs. This could be “the end of an era of cheap food,” Dr Peter Alexander from Edinburgh University said. With lower production and sustained degradation of environment, million additional deaths are expected, he mentioned.

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