Russia Issued Free Sperm Freezing Facility To Soldiers In Ukraine

Russian troops that are fighting in Ukraine are being offered free sperm freezing facilities by the health ministry. Now Russian soldiers that are involved in Russia’s special operation in Ukraine can freeze their sperm in Cryobanks. The Russian health ministry will provide financial assistance along with medical insurance to its soldiers.

Soldiers Approaching Clinics

After the announcement, 300,000 reservists in Ukraine started approaching clinics. Igor Trunov, the leader of the Russian Union of Lawyers, stated that his organization was filing applications on behalf of numerous couples whose husbands had been called up to participate in the special military operation. Russian officials have been calling its war in Ukraine a “special military operation” since it began.

Putin Partially Mobilized 300,000 After Setbacks In Ukraine

Becoming Father After Death

The Russian population has never considered using clinics in the past. The latest development will make sure that if someone dies fighting, then they still can become father.

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