Ukrainian Capital Saw Mysterious Object Falling From Sky

A mysterious object that lit up the skies of the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, fell from the sky, vanishing immediately after it was captured on phones. The Air Force brushed aside speculations of a possible Russian missile because it didn’t explode and had no trajectory like that of the missile.

A Meteor?

The Ukrainian space officials later on said that the mysterious aerial object could be a meteor. First the object was suspected to be a dead NASA satellite that the space agency warned about, a day ago, but the agency confirmed that the satellite was still in orbit. Satellite-tracking website Satflare revealed that the dead NASA satellite named RHESSI was nowhere near Ukraine, when the flash was seen in Kyiv.

What Was It?

Ukrainian officials asked space experts to explain the nature of the aerial object because the country is facing an enemy at its doorsteps. So far, nothing has been verified and people are coming up with all sorts of theories of a possible alien invasion. The flash was also seen over the skies of Belarus, Ukraine’s northern neighbor.

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