Japan News

Cadet Kills Two Instructors At Military Firing Range in Japan

A cadet opened fire on three of the instructors at a training facility in Japan. The newly recruited cadet fired 8 rounds and killed two instructors and injured one present in the shooting range in Central Japan. The 18-year-old suspect was immediately taken into custody on charges of attempted murder, according to police.

South Korea Paying $500 To Young And Lonely Citizens

The South Korean government has introduced a new policy of engaging the youth to help them re-enter society. The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family has introduced a new initiative with the goal of promoting the emotional and psychological wellbeing of the South Korean Youth. The program will offer a monthly stipend of up to $500 to assist them leave loneliness and engage with the outer world. The measures also include access to education, job and health support.

Japan PM Evacuated After Suspect Throws Bomb

The Japanese Minister was evacuated immediately after a young man threw a gas bomb at him. The suspect was arrested on the spot by the Police and detained for trial and questioning. The incident took place in Wakayama where the Japanese PM was expected to deliver a speech for his campaign.

50% Of Unmarried Japanese Population Do Not Want Kids

A recent survey in Japan revealed that around half of the unmarried population have no interest in having babies. The survey was conducted by a pharmaceutical firm in Japan that has once again resurfaced the population concerns of the country. Out of all the young 400 participants of the study, half of them said that they can’t tolerate the burden of having kids because of economic conditions.

Japanese Black Hawk Helicopter Crashed In Ocean

A Japanese black hawk helicopter was reported missing after it disappeared from the radar, carrying ten people. The helicopter is reported to have crashed in the sea, north of Miyako island, where the helicopter was patrolling the waters. After a search and rescue operation, the Japanese military spotted parts of the helicopter floating in the ocean.