50% Of Unmarried Japanese Population Do Not Want Kids

A recent survey in Japan revealed that around half of the unmarried population have no interest in having babies. The survey was conducted by a pharmaceutical firm in Japan that has once again resurfaced the population concerns of the country. Out of all the young 400 participants of the study, half of them said that they can’t tolerate the burden of having kids because of economic conditions.

More Men Than Women

One of the interesting things in the recent survey was men being least concerned about babies. By gender, the study found out that 53% of men and 45% of women were not interested in raising children. Japan, with a population of just 125 million, has long struggled with a growing number of elderly citizens.

Government Intervention

A week ago, the Japanese government launched a family agency aimed at providing a family-centric environment  to its young population to reduce the rate of declining population. Around 29% of the Japanese population is over 65, which is shocking and requires an urgent focus from the government.

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