Japan PM Evacuated After Suspect Throws Bomb

The Japanese Minister was evacuated immediately after a young man threw a gas bomb at him. The suspect was arrested on the spot by the Police and detained for trial and questioning. The incident took place in Wakayama where the Japanese PM was expected to deliver a speech for his campaign.

Suspect Threw A Gas Bomb

The suspect was later identified as a 24-year-old man named Ryuji Kimura He was seen by witnesses as throwing out something followed by a gas bomb. A loud bang was heard in the crowd and people started to panic while running outside. A member of the ruling party said that such incidents in the middle of elections are “regrettable” as it halts the democratic processes.

Violence Is Rare In Japan

Japan has been declared as one of the least violent countries but certain events hit at the core of its society. A similar incident happened last year when Japanese former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was shot dead at a political campaign event. In today’s attack, the suspect was tackled by a nearby fisherman who was standing next to the suspect.

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