Cadet Kills Two Instructors At Military Firing Range in Japan

A cadet opened fire on three of the instructors at a training facility in Japan. The newly recruited cadet fired 8 rounds and killed two instructors and injured one present in the shooting range in Central Japan. The 18-year-old suspect was immediately taken into custody on charges of attempted murder, according to police.

Two Soldiers Were Killed

Those killed and injured  by the young shooter belonged to the Armed Forces of Japan. Videos circulating on social media showed Japanese soldiers gathered at a place in the firing range where the incident took place. One of the soldiers killed was 25-year-old and the two other victims were in their twenties and fifties. The Japanese authorities didn’t disclose more details about the victims but they were all instructors at the facility.

Training Drills Suspended in Japan

Japan, a country where shooting incidents are very rare, suspended all the live-fire and explosive training drills in the country until further notice, as per the orders of the chief of Japan’s Self-Defence Forces. The residents of the area said they have never seen such an indent in decades of living in the area.

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