Chinese Tourists Have Accessed Sensitive US Military Sites

A report published by The Wall Street Journal mentioned that Chinese tourists have accessed sensitive military sites in the US. The Chinese tourists posed themselves as tourists, but the FBI thought they could be spies. The Chinese Embassy in Washington has rejected the accusations and said the US should abandon the Cold War mentality.

Google Testing To Add Game Features to Youtube

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Google is testing to bring game features to YouTube. The new feature, known as “Playables”, will add interactive games to the video platform, the report mentioned. Google has sent an email to its employees to test the new feature and give detailed feedback.

US Suspects Chinese Port Cranes Of Spying

US officials have raised concerns about the Chinese cranes operating at US ports. Officials in the US are suspecting the Chinese-made cranes of spying for the Chinese government. Pentagon has compared the Chinese cranes to a Trojan horse, spying over the in and out shipments of the US.