US Suspects Chinese Port Cranes Of Spying

US officials have raised concerns about the Chinese cranes operating at US ports. Officials in the US are suspecting the Chinese-made cranes of spying for the Chinese government. Pentagon has compared the Chinese cranes to a Trojan horse, spying over the in and out shipments of the US.

Cranes Contain Sensors

According to The Wall Street Journal report, Pentagon officials have once again accused the Chinese government of spying and possibly using the port cranes for espionage. The cranes have sophisticated sensors which can track the flow of materials in and out of the US. The US former top US counterintelligence official told the WSJ that the sensors could enable the controllers to remotely control the flow of goods. 

From Spy Balloons To Cranes

The Chinese cranes entered the US around two decades ago but no one has ever suspected them of spying. The recent Chinese spy balloon incidents across the US and Canada have brought the cranes into the spotlight too.

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