Chinese Tourists Have Accessed Sensitive US Military Sites

A report published by The Wall Street Journal mentioned that Chinese tourists have accessed sensitive military sites in the US. The Chinese tourists posed themselves as tourists, but the FBI thought they could be spies. The Chinese Embassy in Washington has rejected the accusations and said the US should abandon the Cold War mentality.

Tourists As Spies

While tourists have been used as spies in the past, the recent report may have exaggerated the outcome. The Chinese tourists were called “gate-crashers” for allegedly breaching the security checkpoints many times. The report also mentioned that US authorities seized surveillance drones from some Chinese tourists, but didn’t provide any evidence to prove their claims.

China Rejects Accusations

In response, the Chinese embassy in Washington has rejected the accusations as “ill-intentioned fabrications”. The embassy called upon the US to abandon the Cold War mentality and try to bolster cooperation between the two nations.

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