US Intelligence Says Putin Didn’t Order Navalny To Be Killed

US intelligence officials have confirmed to the Wall Street Journal on Saturday that there was no evidence the Russian President Vladamir Putin ordered the killing of Navalny.

The US previously stated that Putin had ordered Navalny to be executed because he was criticizing corruption in Putin’s regime.

The Journal didn’t reveal its sources and Reuters couldn’t independently verify the claim. 

Putin Not Responsible

The Wall Street Journal report mentioned that there was consensus in the intelligence community that Putin didn’t order Navalny’s murder.

It said the US intelligence community used multiple sources to reach the conclusion including classified information and open-source information.

Russia, on other hand, has been rejecting US accusations since February. 

Navalny Aide Rejects Conclusion

A senior Navalny aide, cited by the journal, rejected the assessment made by the US intelligence agencies.

A former Russian politician and Navalny’s chief of staff the findings were “naive and ridiculous”.

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