Dutch Startup Working on Desperate Plan To Save Arctic From Melting

A Dutch startup has joined hands with the climate scientists to reverse the melting of Arctic glaciers.

The startup named Arctic Reflections focuses on preventing the melting process by pumping seawater into specific locations to delay the process of melting, the Wall Street Journal reported. 

How It Works

The video uploaded by the WSJ showed the process behind rebuilding the ice layers to thicken them and mitigate the impact of climate change.

Arctic Reflections CEO Fonger Ypma explained that the concept was inspired by Dutch ice masters, or IJsmeesters, who flood fields to create ice rinks.

The goal is to create a protective ice layer to preserve the Arctic until more substantial technological advancements can reduce global carbon emissions.

However, Ypma acknowledges that this solution is temporary.

While it may help protect the Arctic in the short term, comprehensive environmental changes are needed for a lasting solution.

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