US Responds To Chinese, Russian Warships Near Alaska

The US Navy dispatched warships after they spotted Russian and Chinese warships near Alaska. The Wall Street Journal reported that four naval warships were dispatched to a provocation by at least 11 Chinese and Russian warships close to the Aleutian Islands in northern Alaska. 

US Army Orders  Aviation Stand Down After Helicopter Crashes

The head of the US army has ordered to stand down all army aviators amid increasing incidents of helicopter crashes. The chief of staff of the US army James McConville said that the safety of US army personnel is the topmost priority as helicopter crashes took lives of 12 in the recent past.

Spectators Witnessed A Mystery Spiral In Alaska

Skywatchers at Alaska witnesses a giant mystery spiral in the skies of Alaska. Early on Saturday morning, residents in Alaska who were watching for the aurora borealis were surprised by the sudden appearance of a large spiral shape in the sky. They promptly shared images on various social media platforms and discussed the possible reasons behind the appearance of the bluish-white spiral.

US Fighter Jets Intercept Russian Bomber Over Alaska

Several Russian military aircrafts were intercepted by NORAD jets over Alaska. A total of four Russian aircrafts including a fighter jet and a bomber were flying over the international air space over Alaska, when they were diverted back to the Russian air space.

2 Russian Soldiers Arrived In US Claiming Asylum

2 Russian soldiers have arrived in Alaska by boat amid Russian aggression in Ukraine. Russian forces have been facing hundreds of casualties in its war in Ukraine and many have protested not to join Putin’s partial mobilization last month. The 2 Russian soldiers have arrived in the US by avoiding their military service in Ukraine.

Russian And Chinese Warships Spotted off Alaskan island

US coast guards spotted 7 Naval ships including 3 Chinese guided missile cruisers and 4 Russian Navy ships. The encounter with the Russian and Chinese warships is a matter of concern for Washington who is already focused on the war in Ukraine.