Russian And Chinese Warships Spotted off Alaskan island

US coast guards spotted 7 Naval ships including 3 Chinese-guided missile cruisers and 4 Russian Navy ships. The encounter with the Russian and Chinese warships is a matter of concern for Washington who is already focused on the war in Ukraine. The incident happened around 138 km north of Alaska’s Kiska Island. 

Looked Like a Joint Military Drill

The formation of both the Russian and the Chinese ships looked like a joint military drill in the sea. One of the coast guards who were present at the scene said that the ships were all moving “in a single formation’’. Such an arrangement is usually for ‘‘tactical missions’’ and they are later on dispersed in the sea.

 US C-130 Hercules Provided Protection

During the encounter, US C-130 provided air support to the Kimbell coast guard ship, from the Coast Guard station in Kodiak. The encounter happened a month after Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General, cautioned about Chinese and Russian interest in the region. 

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