US Fighter Jets Intercept Russian Bomber Over Alaska

Several Russian military aircrafts were intercepted by NORAD jets over Alaska. A total of four Russian aircrafts including a fighter jet and a bomber were flying over the international air space over Alaska, when they were diverted back to the Russian air space.

Russian Jets Posed No Threat

The Russian aircrafts were traveling in a buffer zone or an international airspace, according to NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defence Command. The aircrafts posed no threat as they did not enter the Canadian or the American airspace. The intercepted aircrafts included the Su-35 fighter and the Tu-95H Bear bomber, according to NORAD’s statement. 

Activity Occurs Regularly

The Defence Command also said that such interceptions happen regularly and are not seen as provocative by any country of the region. Since 2007, such interceptions have taken place six to seven times every year. NORAD also said that today’s interception has nothing to do with the recent spy balloon activities in the US and Canada. 

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