Scientists Answer Why 10 Billion Alaskan Snow Crabs Disappeared

Scientists have blamed global warming for Alaska’s abrupt disappearance of around 10 billion snow crabs.

The Guardian report suggests ten billion snow crabs in Alaska vanished into thin air because of fluctuations in water temperature.

The disappearance shocked scientists in 2022 and has remained a mystery since then.

Alaskan Snow Crabs Disappear

Billions of snow crabs used to thrive in the Bering Sea waters in Alaska, but the population has decreased aggressively in the last few years.

Last year, scientists said the cause of disappearance was unknown, and overfishing was not the one.

According to a recent report, the crabs required more calories to survive, which they couldn’t acquire in warm temperatures.

Fishing Industry To Face Consequences

The Alaskan state government ended crucial Bering Seas’ snow crab harvests in 2022, putting thousands at risk of losing their livelihoods.

The local fishing industry will lose $150 million when the economic activity stalls after the recent drop.

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