Hiking Couple Found Safe in Alaska Forest After Search

A hiking couple that went missing in the woods in Alaska have been found safe after a search and rescue operation. 50-year-old Jonas Bare and 37-year-old Cynthia Hovsepian went missing last week near Fairbanks, Alaska.

Couple Rescued Successfully

Bare and Hovsepian arrived at an Airbnb located in the city’s central district on August 9th. Their intended departure was set for August 11th at 11 a.m, but that didn’t happen. Authorities said their suitcases and personal items remained within the Airbnb and they didn’t know where they were. Both the hikers were admitted to a nearby health facility, but the details remain unknown.

Bare Had An On & Off Relationship With Her Wife

Hovsepian Had Drug Abuse History

An investigative article by The New York Post revealed that the couple had a sinister past with drug addiction and youtube videos. Hovsepian’s sister said her sister is a former drug addict and was diagnosed with Miocadidis inflammation of the heart.

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