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Dan is a digital media freelancer who offers direct consultation for companies as well as decades of experience in video production, video editing, motion graphics, sound design, graphic design, and digital content development. He is the Founder of 1 Minute Media, a company that empowers individuals to tell their stories with great video through coursework and private membership. Dan has had the privilege to work with some amazing clients like… Harley Davidson, Hasbro, Cisco, Mercury Marine, Anheuser-Busch, Camaro, Westbrook Media (Will Smith’s production company) and many more.
Spilt Drink kicks Up A Fight And Leads To Deadly Shooting

Spilt Drink kicks Up A Fight And Leads To Deadly Shooting

A shooting outside a downtown Norfolk restaurant and bar over the weekend resulted from an argument over a spilled drink, according to Norfolk’s police chief. Two people were killed, including a reporter, and three others were injured. The argument began inside Chicho’s Pizza Backstage early Saturday, but ended outside, says Chief Larry Boone, during a

Blinken Vows US Support To Wary Moldova As Ukraine War Rages

Blinken Vows US Support To Wary Moldova As Ukraine War Rages

On Sunday, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken reiterated the country’s solidarity with the small, Western-oriented former Soviet republic of Moldova, which is dealing with an influx of refugees from Ukraine and warily watching Putin’s militarized war against its neighbor. Almost 230,000 refugees have crossed into or were routed through Moldova since the conflict began

EU Leaders Meet To Discuss Ukraine Crisis, Push Diplomacy

EU Leaders Meet To Discuss Ukraine Crisis, Push Diplomacy

Thursday, EU leaders met for a short summit to assess diplomacy’s chances of cutting through the Ukraine conflict and discuss what sanctions should be imposed in the event Russia invades its neighbors. The summit came one day before a two-day EU-Africa summit, which brought together the 27 EU leaders in Brussels. There were no plans

UK's Harry And Meghan Voice Concern To Spotify Over COVID-19 Misinformation

UK’s Harry And Meghan Voice Concern To Spotify Over COVID-19 Misinformation

An official with the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Archewell foundation said on Sunday the couple expressed their concern to Spotify over misinformation about COVID-19 spread on its platform and that they remain committed to continuing to work with the company. In protest of Spotify’s dissemination of misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine, singers and songwriter

Ghana To Fine Airlines $3,500 For Unvaccinated Passengers

Ghana To Fine Airlines $3,500 For Unvaccinated Passengers

The government of Ghana is taking a tough stance against carriers who continue to bring in passengers without fully vaccinated against COVID-19. The fine for each person who arrives unvaccinated will be $3,500 USD. The Ghanaian government has announced that airlines will be penalized for not filling out the Kotoka international airport health declaration form


England Could Face Omicron Wave Without Further Restrictions- Report

England faces an emergency as COVID-19 infections spread, leading some to die by the end of April. Molecular modelling research published this Saturday shows that if no new control measures are introduced then 75 000 people could become infected with Omicron variants in just two weeks. In order to slow the spread of the Omicron

Turkey Says Mosque

Turkey Says Mosque Attacks On Cyprus Won’t Go ‘Unanswered’

During an interview with Turkish news outlets on Monday, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said attacks on Muslim houses of worship in Cyprus would “not go unanswered” following reports of an attempted arson attack at a mosque on the southern, internationally-recognized Greek Cypriot part. “This incident is clearly not tolerable,” he said. The pro-government Daily Sabah newspaper

Columbia Student Killed

Columbia Student Killed, Tourist Injured In Unprovoked Stabbings Near N.Y.C. Park

New York City police said an unprovoked stabbing Thursday killed a Columbia University student and injured a tourist, according to police.A severe attack occurred around 11 p.m. at Morningside Park, situated in upper Manhattan. 123rd Street and Amsterdam Avenue were the scenes of a stabbing death that occurred on June 20, according to an NYPD

House Democrats Set To Pass $2 Tr. Social Spending & Climate Bill

The house democrats are now set to pass the widely discussed $2 Trillion social spending on education, healthcare, poverty allowances, tax revision & climate control aid bill as they have gained confidence being unified with their several difference of opinions on spending. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is also hopeful to place the bill in the

Houston Doctor Suspended For Misinforming On Covid-19 Treatment

Mary Bowden, an ENT specialist doctor at Houston Methodist Hospital in Texas, has been suspended for spreading harmful and dangerous misinformation about Covid-19 & its treatment process on social media. Dr. Bowden, who was a recent addition to the hospital’s medical team posted a series of tweets praising the anti-parasitic drug ivermectin for Covid-19 treatment