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Man Asked To Compensate Police After Fake Kidnapping

An Australian man who faked kidnapping has been asked to compensate the police. The man named Paul Iera faked his own kidnapping on the New Year’s Eve when he wanted to spend the night with another woman instead of his partner. The Wollongong court ordered Iera to pay $10,334 to the police for investigation expenses.

Jackman ‘Wolverine’ And Deb Separates After 27 Years

Hugh Jackman, the Wolverine, and his wife Deborra-lee separated from each other after spending 27 years in marriage. The celebrity magazine People said the couple announced to separate after three decades of ‘blessed’ time together.

Engineered Organism Breaks Down Plastic To Reduce Pollution

Scientists genetically modified marine organisms to breakdown plastics inside salt water, according to a new study.

The researchers from the NC State University worked on two different bacteria, which were modified to function as plastic-destroyers in salt water.