Peaky Blinders Star Pleads Guilty To Crack Cocaine Possession

Peaky Blinders star Paul Anderson has been punished after being caught for the possession of crack cocaine.

The future of the Hollywood actor was thrown into question when the court punished Mr. Anderson with a fine of £1,345.

The defendant for the Peaky Blinders star said the character he plays in the movie has impacted his behavior in real life as he slips into his character.

Peaky Blinders star was found with crack cocaine.

Anderson Pleads Guilty To Four Charges

Paul Anderson was taken to a police station when the pub manager smelled cocaine fumes coming out of the bathroom.

The manager called the police to investigate but soon found out it was Anderson who went in there a while ago.

The police approached Anderson and asked him to go to the police station with them.

Anderson was fined £1,345.

Anderson pleaded guilty to four charges of possessing class A crack cocaine, class B amphetamines, and two class C prescription substances.

Anderson told the court that he found himself in an unfortunate situation and “should have had the strength to say no.”

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