Russian Court Bans LGBT As Extremist Organization

The Russian court has decided to ban the LGBT movement as an extremist organization.

The Russian Supreme Court has banned the activities of what is referred to as “the international LGBT public movement”.

Russia has become more and more traditional with regard to its social values after it invaded Ukraine in 2022.

Under Putin, Russia has embraced an ideology centered around conservative thinking and family values

Court Hearing Behind Closed Doors

According to the BBC report, the court hearing took place behind closed doors.

Only a few reporters were allowed to hear the judgment during the absence of defendants inside the court.

A municipal deputy in St Petersburg, Sergei Troshin, said the decision will force people to migrate to other countries.

People To Be Put In Jail

Any affiliation with the LGBT movement in Russia could potentially lead to years of jail and a hefty fine.

According to Russian law, citizens are forbidden from supporting extremist organizations.

“This will mean that anyone whom the state considers an LGBT activist could receive a long prison sentence”, Mr. Sergei said.

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