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Putin Warns US Of An All Out War

With Western aid pouring in to strengthen Ukrainian military capabilities, Russia has warned US and its allies of consequences if it doesn’t cease to send aid to Ukraine. The US has sent military equipment of more than $17 billion since the start of the war.

Johnny Depp Is Dating His Lawyer

After a long-fought defamation case, Johnny Depp found new love as he began a relationship with one of his lawyers defending him in that same case.

New Study Shows Covid Vaccines Does No Harm To Fertility

Earlier it was claimed that Covid-19 vaccines could damage both male and female fertility. The logic behind the claim was that Covid-19 vaccines cause early pregnancy loss, failed implantation and other abnormalities in females. While in males, it was claimed that the vaccine could negatively affect the production of sperm.

Iraqi Shiite Cleric Tells Supporters to Go Home After Clashes Kill 24

Powerful Iraqi Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr ordered his supporters to go home on Tuesday, 24 hours after his announcement of withdrawal from politics prompted his loyalists to rampage through the capital’s streets in a show of force. If [protesters] do not withdraw, including from parliament, within 60 minutes I will disavow the movement itself,” he

Meet The New iOS 16

Apple releases its major iOS update like clockwork in September of every year with the release of the new iPhone. Last month we told you everything you need to know about the coming iPhone 14 lineup, now we gathered all the information about the iOS 16 to let you meet all the new features that are coming to your phone.

76 Million-Year-Old Dinosaur To Be Auctioned In NYC

The fossilized skeleton of a T. rex relative that roamed the earth about 76 million years ago will be auctioned in New York this month, Sotheby’s announced Tuesday. The Gorgosaurus skeleton will highlight Sotheby’s natural history auction on July 28, the auction house said.

A Planet-Size Sunspot Is Pointed Toward Earth

An enormous sunspot called AR3038, that has been doubling in size each day for the past three days is now facing Earth—meaning it could send a solar flare our way. Solar flares can disrupt radio communications and power grids on Earth.

Ukraine Attacks Russian Territories

On Friday, a Russian official accused Ukraine of launching a helicopter strike on a gasoline store on Russian territory, as images of the facility engulfed in flames circulated.

IS Militants Killed Taliban & Civilians In Serial Attacks In Afghanistan

On Wednesday, a local affiliate body of the Islamic State killed at least 5 with a series of attacks in the Nangarhar province of eastern Afghanistan to build a challenge to the Taliban administration. There were gunfire and two bombings organized by terrorists. In the gunfire attack, claimed by the Islamic State-Khorasan Province, one civilian

US to give each Afghan evacuee up to $2,275 in aid

The Biden administration and other private agencies are rushing to find a solution to resettling Afghan’s who left their country with little more than clothes that they were wearing. The State Department said it plans to spend up to $2,275 for each evacuee for resettlement. The money is to be used for housing, food, other