Maui Wildfires: 850 People Including Children Are Still Missing

Days after the visit of the US President Joe Biden, the Maui Mayor revealed that 850 people including children are still missing after the wildfires. After weeks of intense blazes that destroyed much of western Maui, the total deaths reported stands at 114 but the search is still on, as per local authorities.

Historic Hawaii Town Destroyed As Wildfire Blazes Through

Shocking scenes have been circulating on social media as much of the historic Lahaina town burned to the ground. The videos showed apocalyptic scenes where people were jumping into harbor waters to avoid the high-rise blazes that destroyed buildings and businesses.

Wildfires Burn 77,000 Acres in California, Spreading To Nevada

Huge wildfires have burned down 77,000 acres of land and have already spread into Nevada. The fires considered California’s largest fire in 2023 have gone completely out of control. The fire started on Friday in California’s Mojave national preserve due to extreme temperatures coupled with rapid growth of underbrush due to heavy rains this year, authorities said.

Video Shows Firefighting Plane Crashing in Greece

A video recently circulating on social media shows a Greek firefighting plane crashing into the mountains. According to the Greece local media, the firefighting plane crashed over the town of Karystos on the island of Evia near Athens.

Australian Scientists Using Fungi To Build Fire-Resistant Roofs

Australian scientists have been able to develop techniques to use fungi-based rooftops to resist wildfires. Wildfires devastate large swathes of land destroying homes and are becoming a recurring phenomenon due to climate change. Scientists are increasingly interested in coming up with sustainable solutions to the climate crisis that threaten millions around the world.

‘Megafloods’ could destroy California, Experts warn

Wildfires, extreme drought and earthquakes, due to climate change, may be the main concern for the Western Europe right now. But experts warn that a catastrophe is materializing in California, “Megafloods”. Extreme floods may submerge the largest subnational economy, displace millions of people across the state and will be the most expensive natural disaster in the history, according to a latest study.