Maui Wildfires: 850 People Including Children Are Still Missing

Days after the visit of the US President Joe Biden, the Maui Mayor revealed that 850 people including children are still missing after the wildfires. After weeks of intense blazes that destroyed much of western Maui, the total deaths reported stands at 114 but the search is still on, as per local authorities.

Number of Missing People Decreased

The number of missing individuals have so far decreased from 2,000 to 850 and are expected to decrease further as more and more individuals are identified. Maui County Mayor Richard Bissen said in a video that 1,285 people have been located safe.

Teams Searched 85% Area

The local authorities reported to have cleared about 85% of Lahaina, a historic town with a population of 13,000. The wildfires are the deadliest wildfires in US history since 1918 when northern Minnesota’s Cloquet Fire killed 453 people.

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