Australian Scientists Using Fungi To Build Fire-Resistant Roofs

Australian scientists have been able to develop techniques to use fungi-based rooftops to resist wildfires. Wildfires devastate large swathes of land destroying homes and are becoming a recurring phenomenon due to climate change. Scientists are increasingly interested in coming up with sustainable solutions to the climate crisis that threaten millions around the world.

Fungi Has Fire-Resistant Properties

Sheets of compacted fungi with remarkable fire-resistant characteristics offer a potential eco-friendly and biodegradable substitute for existing so called fireproof cladding. Researchers at Australia’s Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology were able to develop paper-thin sheets of mycelium from fungi that could resist 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. During the experiment, the material quickly turned into char and acted as a protective layer when exposed to extreme temperatures, RMIT professor Everson Kandare said.

Traditional Materials Are Dangerous

The traditional cladding that has been used in the construction of houses and buildings are dangerous for both human life and animals. The material used in existing practices contain plastics, which are a nightmare when exposed to high temperatures and the new method proposes a sustainable alternative.

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