Italy is Making LGBT Parenting A Crime

Italy LGBT parents are concerned as the government is seeking to implement new rules. The new legislation will make it harder for LGBT parents to have children through surrogacy. The new law will force LGBT parents to either leave Italy or go to prison. 

Deadly Heat Wave Sweeps Across Southern Europe

A deadly heat wave is currently sweeping across southern Europe and northwestern part of Africa. The temperatures remained above 40C in Turkey, Croatia, Greece, Spain and France. Italy could hit the 48C degree mark as more and more people were reported to have collapsed including tourists.

Migrant Shipwreck Killed At Least 59 In Southern Italy

A migrant ship sank after it crashed with rocks near the southern coast of Italy. Shipwreck killed 59 including 12 children, the authorities said. The wooden boat struck a rock in a stormy sea off the coast of the Calabria region. About 150 people were on board when the boat came in the merciless sea waves and the search for others is still underway. 

1 Dead In An Attack On Spanish Football Team In Italy

Spanish Football team came under knife attack in a super market in Milan, Northern city of Italy. The knife attack resulted in 1 dead and 5 seriously injured. The injured was immediately transferred to a nearby hospital. The one who lost his life was supermarket employee as a result of the knife attack.