Italy, France Deepen Economic, Defense Cooperation

Mario Draghi

The leaders of Italy and France have signed a historic agreement to strengthen cooperation on defence. The goal is for this partnership to create one big European Union that can stand up against Russia or other outside forces, but it won’t be easy with so much at stake there already seems no stopping them! The signing of a new treaty will allow Italy and France to work together more closely in the defence sector, with an eye towards creating “a true European defence.”

The treaty was signed to deepen cooperation in “key sectors,” including defence. President Draghi says it “obviously” isn’t meant as a replacement for NATO and instead will offer protection against external threats that Europe hasn’t seen before with Russia’s recent belligerence.

“To be sovereign, Europe needs to know how to defend its borders and create a real defence,” said Mr Draghi. “We must protect our industries from Asia’s shortage of chips by strengthening investments in such key areas as semiconductors while also looking into sustainable energies which countries will turn towards if we don’t act fast enough on climate change.”

Macron said the agreement does not substitute France’s longstanding friendship with Germany, which has been considered key to Europe as a whole. But he says these two friendships are different and shouldn’t replace each other – even though they may compete for supremacy within one another!

The two leaders discussed the treaty’s extensive provisions for cooperation, which range from creating joint Franco-Italian civil service positions to regular ministerial meetings between their Cabinets.”

“The European Union is one of the biggest economic blocs in Europe and it’s time for this integration to become even stronger,” said Mario Draghi.

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