Deadly Heat Wave Sweeps Across Southern Europe

A deadly heat wave is currently sweeping across southern Europe and northwestern part of Africa. The temperatures remained above 40C in Turkey, Croatia, Greece, Spain and France. Italy could hit the 48C degree mark as more and more people were reported to have collapsed including tourists.

The Cerberus Heat Wave

The scorching heat wave, dubbed Cerberus by the Italian Meteorological Society, could lead to multiple deaths if the precautionary measures were not taken. So far, Italy has reported two deaths including a 44-year-old worker who was painting zebra crossings in Lodi city. Italian politician Nicola Fratoianni said Italy is currently facing an unbearable heat wave and citizens must take care of themselves.

61,000 Died Last Year

According to a research study, 61.000 people perished in last year’s heat wave that struck Europe last year. Italy reported 18,010 deaths, followed by France, Germany and Spain. The experts are suggesting that the heat waves may persist for a little longer this year.

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