Italy Returns Ethiopia’s First Plane Stolen 90 Years Ago

The Italian government has officially returned Ethiopia’s first plane after being stolen in 1936.

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister hailed the moment as “a great pride for Ethiopians.”

The plane named Tsehay was stolen when the Italian forces took control of Ethiopia, known then as Abyssinia, in 1935.

Tsehay Kept in Italian Museum

The antique plane has been kept in the Italian museum since 1941, six years after it was stolen from Ethiopia.

The Italian defense ministry described Tsehay, which had been kept at the Italian Air Force Museum, as a “unique specimen”.

The development came forward after the Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni vowed to reset ties with African states.

The plan was devised when leaders and representatives from 45 African countries met in Rome on the invitation of Meloni to help African countries in improving education, health and exports.

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