Blow To TikTok As Indonesia Bans Social Media Transactions

Indonesia has officially banned business transactions on social media platforms. The policy was formulated to protect the local businesses from being undermined by foreign companies. TikTok has much to lose due to the new government policy as the country is its second biggest market after the US. 

Huge Merapi volcano Erupts In Indonesia

A volcano eruption in Indonesia spewed out the smoke for kilometers in the city of Yogyakarta. The authorities had to halt the tourism activities after the volcano eruption. The ash covered an area of seven kilometers engulfing up to eight villages. 

Harmful Medicines Kills 133 Children In Indonesia

Indonesian authorities have banned the use of certain medicines after they found harmful substances in it. 133 minors have died so far due to consumption of the medicines containing harmful material in the syrups. More than 102 products are in due investigation after the shocking tragedy. 

Indonesia To Demolist The Football Stadium Where 130 People Died

Indonesian authorities have decided to demolish and rebuild the football stadium where more than 130 people died including 40 children. The incident happened on 1st of October between the fans of two rival football teams. The police in return of the chaos fired tear gasses to disperse the crowd resulting in clashes with the police too.

130 Dead In Football Clashes In Indonesia

Police and authorities have managed to get things under control after a losing team’s fans charged at the football ground in Indonesia. The clashes have caused more than 130 dead and more than 90 injured. The incident took place in the East Java province of Indonesia.