Harmful Medicines Kills 133 Children In Indonesia

Indonesian authorities have banned the use of certain medicines after they found harmful substances in it. 133 minors have died so far due to consumption of the medicines containing harmful material in the syrups. More than 102 products are in due investigation after the shocking tragedy.


Acute Kidney Injury

The investigation leading to the ban came up with the report that a harmful substance known as ethylene glycol and diethylene glycol. “It is confirmed that (AKI) was caused by (those) substances,” the Indonesian Health Minister mentioned in a press conference. The investigation also came up with names of other substances, less harmful than the two mentioned in all 102 products.

22 Provinces, 133 Deaths

The ban came into effect after 133 children died of the harmful substances found in the medical syrups in 22 provinces and were banned immediately.

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