Historic Hawaii Town Destroyed As Wildfire Blazes Through

Shocking scenes have been circulating on social media as much of the historic Lahaina town burned to the ground. The videos showed apocalyptic scenes where people were jumping into harbor waters to avoid the high-rise blazes that destroyed buildings and businesses.

Chinese Hackers Breached US Government Emails, Microsoft Says

Microsoft & White House said on Wednesday that Chinese hackers breached email accounts of 25 organizations, including US government agencies. White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said the government has detected an attack but managed To prevent further loss .

Tanker Fire Destroys Part Of Busy Overpass in Pennsylvania

A tanker crossing underneath the overpass burst into flames and caused the overpass in Philadelphia to collapse. The overpass is one of the busiest in the US with approximately 160,000 vehicles transverse the highway on a daily basis. Fortunately, no deaths or injuries were reported in the incident, according to the National Transportation Safety Board.