Major Cyber Attack on TikTok Compromises Brands & Celebrities

TikTok accounts of major brands and celebrities were targeted in a major cyber attack that hit the video streaming platform.

The company has not yet named those behind the cyber attack but told the BBC that it is working with relevant parties to solve the problem.

The Chinese app mentioned that the attack was limited in its scale but did cause minor malfunction. 

Targeted Accounts

The spokesperson of TikTok told the BBC that the accounts of CNN and TV star Paris Hilton were among those compromised by the cyber attack.

Gizmodo told Forbes over email that the hackers infiltrated into the accounts without any activity on the user’s side, which gives penetrators control over accounts. 

Attack Hit At Crucial Time

The timing of the attack makes it devastating for the company as it is under immense pressure from the US over the company’s alleged China link.

The US Congress recently passed a bill to either force ByteDance to sell off TikTok or face potential ban in the country.

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