Biden in Action To Protect Privacy of People Seeking Abortion

Biden administration have introduced a new rule to protect privacy rights of those seeking reproductive health care especially when patients travel to another state for these services.

The final rule, named HIPAA Privacy Rule to Support Reproductive Health Care Privacy, was announced on Monday, the CNN reported.

What Does The New Rule Say?

The new rule bans the sharing of a patient’s health information related to reproductive health care, enhancing privacy protections for patients, families, and doctors involved in the process.

Melanie Fontes Rainer, director of the Office for Civil Rights, highlighted that the rule shields medical records from being used against individuals seeking or providing lawful reproductive health care. 

Biden Admin 

The new rule reflects efforts by the Biden-Harris administration to safeguard reproductive health care access after Roe v.

Wade decision was overturned. HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra emphasized that privacy rights are fundamental, especially concerning personal health information.

“The new rule comes at a time when 14 states have total abortion bans,” the CNN report said.

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