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US GDP Records Growth In Q3

The US Economy recorded growth in Q3 of 2022, even though consumer and business spending took a hit from the double threat of continued inflation and higher interest rates

Traders Are Getting Tired Of Being Bearish

Option prices betting on a further 10% decline in stock market valuations are at their lows since 2017. This suggests that investors are betting that further downside movements are increasingly unlikely.

Element Nutritional Sciences Could Be A Winner

Element Nutritional Sciences ($ELNSF) makes dietary supplements & they are about to release their new plant-based protein powder, which has shown to be much more effective than the typical “Whey Protein Powder”.

When will $AMC reach $100?

On our previous article, We called AMC investors, the “New Era of Hedge Funds” and predicted that AMC would break at least $50 per share.