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New York To Legalize Marijuana

On Saturday night, the representatives of New York’s state Senate and Assembly proposed bills to regulate and regulate recreational cannabis in the Empire State. According

Myanmar Deadly Protest Continues

As the protest in Myanmar continues, the death toll keeps rising. On Saturday, Myanmar’s security forces shot and killed at least 64 people across various

Biden Deporting More?

In the last two months, President Biden has detained and deported more Haitians than President Trump did in the previous year. This comes after the

Another Shooting In The US

On Monday afternoon, a gunman opened fire in a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado, killing 10 people. A white male suspect was wounded and taken into

Russia Interfering US Election?

After the 2016 election, the biggest news in the US was Russia’s interference with the election. There was a lot of speculation that Russia interfered

Presidents Can Go To Jail Too

Bolivia’s former interim President Jeanine Anez has been sentence to to four months in jail for her role in the exclusion of Bolivian leader Evo