Canada Accuses China Of Interference In Elections

Canada has accused China of interference in the 2019 elections. The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau directly accused China while disclosing the information to the public.

Beijing Is Pulling Strings

The Canadian intelligence report has identified a chain of political candidates backed by China. The backing came in the form of money or helping in political campaigns as advisers to the candidates. The report said that foreign entities influenced political proceedings in Canada in 2019 by financially aiding Canadian political candidates. On one occasion, an amount of £160,000 was transferred through the office of the provincial MP of Ontario. The interference is believed to have impacted both the political parties of Canada i.e, the Conservative party and the liberal party.

China Denies Involvement

On the other hand, China has rejected the accusations of any political interference in Canadian internal matters. The spokesman of the Chinese foreign ministry has said that China has no interest in the internal matters of Canada.

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