Will Biden Survive In Tomorrow’s Midterms Elections?

The future of Joe Biden’s administration depends upon tomorrow’s midterm elections. The results will decide if Biden is going to retain the next presidential elections in 2024. Most of the candidates from both the sides have a somewhat equal support base but disagree on fundamental issues. 

Democrats About To Lose

Democrats are expected to lose in the current midterm elections and there are strong reasons to believe so. All of the House of Representative and the third of senate seats are up for elections. According to FiveThirtyEight forecasts, the republicans are expected to win 83% of the seats in the house of representatives and a 54% chance of winning the senate. Republicans have a 53% chance of winning both chambers of congress.

And Why?

The economy is in bad shape and energy crises have been up for consecutive years. The shooting incidents have increased drastically. For 36% of voters, inflation was the biggest and most fundamental issue. These are the reasons that can cause the fall of Biden’s administration. 

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