Marlo Higgins

Marlo Higgins is a triple crown entrepreneur that helped start a company, rebrand another, and launched her own. She is the host of the 22 Minutes to Having it All podcast, author, and business coach that teaches you how to overcome challenges and identify the blind spots that are keeping you from the peaceful achievement you desire.

Study Shows Cocaine Use Has Accelerated In Europe

Cocaine use has drastically increased in Europe, a European monitoring agency said. Researchers from the Europe-wide SCORE group, along with the EU drugs agency, collected wastewater samples from 54 million people and around 104 cities across Europe. The results revealed that major cities like major European cities like Belgium, Spain, Portugal has a drug problem. 

Gmail Is Getting A New Look!

It’s been 18 years since Gmail came into service. Since then it has taken shape of the largest email service on the planet with 1.5 billion daily users. Now, to celebrate its 18th birthday Google is giving the mail service a new look by integrating its other platforms like Meet, Chat, and Space with it.

Elon Musk’s Deal To Buy Twitter Is In Peril

The planned takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk is in “serious jeopardy”, according to a report, sending shares in the company 4% lower in after-hours trading on Wall Street.
Musk’s team has stopped certain discussions around funding for the $44bn deal, according to a report, citing three people familiar with the matter. The report said Musk had concluded that Twitter’s figures on spam accounts – a bone of contention in the deal – were not verifiable.

Supermassive Black Hole With Mass of 3 Billion Suns

Black holes are the gluttons of the cosmos, devouring everything that veers too close — including light itself. Now, an international team of researchers says they have discovered a supermassive black hole that gobbles up the equivalent of one Earth every second.

A Cancer-Killing Virus Injected Into A Human For The First Time

An experimental cancer-killing virus has been administered to a human patient for the first time, with hopes the testing will ultimately reveal evidence of a new means of successfully fighting cancer tumors in people’s bodies. The drug candidate, called CF33-hNIS (aka Vaxinia), is what’s called an oncolytic virus, a genetically modified virus designed to selectively infect and kill cancer cells while sparing healthy ones.

GameStop taps Immutable X for NFT marketplace

GameStop Taps Immutable X For NFT Marketplace

In an effort to capitalize on the booming market for non-fungible tokens and complement its digital pivot into e-commerce, GameStop Corp will partner with blockchain startup Immutable X to launch its NFT marketplace later this year. In addition, the companies have announced the launch of a $100 million fund in Immutable X tokens, dedicated to

Storm Ana: Deadly Africa Storm Shows Climate Crisis Reality - UN

Storm Ana: Deadly Africa Storm Shows Climate Crisis Reality – UN

Southern African countries have been hit by a deadly storm this week that shows the reality of climate change, according to a UN official. The death toll has risen to 86 in the wake of Storm Ana. As roads and bridges have washed away in Madagascar, Mozambique, and Malawi, rescue workers are trying to reach

HP Wins $5 Billion Fraud Lawsuit Against UK Software Tycoon

HP Wins $5 Billion Fraud Lawsuit Against UK Software Tycoon

The HP Corporation has won a multibillion-dollar lawsuit on Friday against a British businessman that it charged with fraud after acquiring his software company Autonomy a decade ago. Michael Lynch, the British entrepreneur who founded Autonomy, now faces a much lower hurdle for extradition to the U.S. with the decision by the U.K.’s High Court.

Ghislaine Maxwell Requests new Trial After Juror Interviews

Ghislaine Maxwell Requests New Trial After Juror Interviews

Less than a month after being found guilty on sex trafficking charges, Gislaine Maxwell has requested a new trial. Bobbi Sternheim, the lawyer for Maxwell, wrote to U.S. District Judge Alison J. Nathan on Wednesday to inform her that the motion for a new trial had been filed under seal and to ensure that everything

Army Corps Of Engineers Gets $14B To Help Ease Supply Chains

Army Corps Of Engineers Gets $14B To Help Ease Supply Chains

A 14 billion dollar grant to the Army Corps of Engineers has been released by the Biden administration to fund 500 projects, with a focus on easing supply chain issues. The administration is trying to highlight how the projects will alleviate supply chain backlogs, and the spending stems largely from president Joe Biden’s $1 trillion