Israeli Ambassador To UN Detained For Protesting Against Iran

The Israeli ambassador to the United Nations was detained by the security for breaching the protocol. When the Iranian President Raisi started his speech at the general assembly, the Israeli ambassador Gilad Erdan protested by holding a photo of Mahsa Amini.

Dead Body Found Floating in Canal in Palm Beach County

The Palm Beach County police recovered a dead body floating in the canal. Local rescue organizations rushed to the area after they received reports from a boater about a body floating over the canal which they later recovered. 

PhD Student Arrested For Fatal Shooting At University

A PhD student was arrested for fatally shooting one of faculty members at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The suspect identified as a 34-year-old Tailei Qi was taken into custody an hour and a half after the shooting.

No Hope For Army Helicopter Crew, Australian Minister Says

Australia’s defense minister has revealed that there is no chance to locate the survivors of a military helicopter that crashed into waters off the Queensland state coast. Two days ago, an Australian military helicopter crashed into the waters and the Australian military immediately started a search and rescue operation to locate the survivors and grounded

Florida Murder Suspect Arrested After 40 Years On The Run

A Florida murder suspect was finally arrested after evading the police for four decades. Authorities said Donald Santini was on the run for 40 years for a murder of a 33-year-old Florida woman Cynthia Wood in 1984. Santini was the last person who was seen with the victim, therefore he left Hillsborough County immediately and went into hiding.

Why is June 21 The Longest Day For 90% of The World?

Billions across the earth may not feel it, but June 21 is the longest day for those who live above the equator in the Northern Hemisphere. The day marks a tradition for many cultures that goes back 5,000 years in human history.

Woman Declared Dead by Doctors Suddenly Woke Up in Ecuador

Relatives of the dead woman were shocked to see that the woman they were about to bury suddenly started knocking the coffin from inside. This happened in Ecuador where a 76-year-old woman named Bella Montoya was announced dead at the hospital but she suddenly woke up at the funeral.

Astronomers Discover A Fake Moon Orbiting The Earth

Astronomers have detected a fake moon that has been orbiting our planet for thousands of years. The fake moon is actually an asteroid called 2023 FW13 and it enters earth’s orbit during its journey around the sun. The sun is believed to have far greater influence over the 2023 FW13 asteroid as compared to the earth.

Surgery Linked Fungal Outbreak Reported In US & Mexico

Authorities in the US and Mexico have urged the World Health Organization to declare a health emergency over fungal meningitis outbreak. The health authorities have warned about the potential outbreak as they have been monitoring around 400 people in both the countries.

1100 Years Old Hebrew Bible Sold For $38m At Auction

One of the most ancient surviving biblical manuscripts, a Hebrew Bible dating back 1,100 years, was recently sold for an impressive $38 million in New York. The buyer, Alfred Moses, a former ambassador and lawyer from the United States, acquired the manuscript on behalf of the ANU Museum of the Jewish People in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Turkey Opposition Accuses Russia Of Interference In Elections

The Turkish opposition party has accused Russia of interference in the electoral process ahead of the election day. Turkey’s main opposition candidate Kemal Kilicdaroglu has claimed to have enough evidence to prove that the Kremlin is interfering in the Turkish elections to manipulate the results in the favor of the government.

NASA Drone Completes 50 Flights Around Mars

NASA’s helicopter drone has completed its 50th flight around Mars, the agency revealed. The agency recently revealed that their ingenuity helicopter made history by completing 50 flights over the Red Planet. NASA’s ingenuity drone officially completed the milestone after it was launched on April 4, 2021.