Extreme Winter Storm Kills 23 In US And Canada

At least 23 people have died in the US and Canada, as a result of exposure to extreme weather and car accidents on icy roads. More than 250 million are affected in the region by the winter storm that spans over 2000 miles at the moment. The increased demand for heat brought about by storms put pressure on power infrastructure across the US and Canada.

Study Shows Signs Of Alzheimer’s Disease In Dolphins

New study has uncovered signs of drastic brain changes in three types of dolphins. Brian changes are associated with human Alzheimer’s disease, a typical human progressive neurologic disorder. The signs of Alzheimer’s disease were found in three kinds of whales that have been found abandoned off the coast of Scotland, including a bottlenose dolphin and a long-finned pilot whale. 

Iran Arrests Oscar-Winning Movie Actress

Iranian authorities have arrested the country’s famous actress of the Oscar-winning movie “The Salesman,” for posting in Favor of the protests. According to Iranian state media, Taraneh Alidoosti, a well-known Iranian actress, was detained on suspicion of spreading false information regarding the country’s ongoing state-wide protests. She was arrested a week after she expressed her solidarity with the ongoing protests.

Huge Explosion Kills 3 In British Channel Island Of Jersey

Huge explosion shocked the British Channel Island of Jersey at an apartment complex, leaving at least three persons dead and twelve others missing. The explosion was reported at a residential building on the island of Jersey, which is off the coast of northern France. 

France Declares Free Condoms For 18 to 25 Year Olds

Amid growing number of sexually transmitted diseases, French president, Emmanuel Macron, has announced to provide free condoms to its citizens. People can collect them from any pharmacy around the country, according to the latest announcement on Thursday. Last year, the French government also announced that all women under 26, can have free access to birth control.

Two Military Airfields Reported Explosions Inside Russia

Two prominent airfields reported explosions inside Russian cities of Ryazan and Saratov. Military airfields were hit by massive explosions that shook the nearby regions. The city Ryazan is located in the south-east of Moscow and the city of Saratov in southwestern Russia. People are already blaming Ukraine for the recent explosions, but the investigation has not yet reached the conclusion.

Jonathan The Tortoise, Oldest Land Animal Turns 190

The world’s oldest land animal has just turned 190 and the birthday is being celebrated in St. Helena. His name is ‘Jonathan’ and has spent most of his life on the British Island. He was brought to St. Helena from the Seychelles in 1882.