Taylor Swift Deepfakes Images Spark Calls For New Legislation

Explicit images for Taylor Swift have prompted calls for new legislation to criminalize the use of deepfake technology.

The images that went viral and were viewed more than millions of times were posted on social media sites like X and Telegram.

X said in a statement that it was removing the images and considering taking action against those responsible.

One Image Got 47 Million Views

The social media platforms were quick to erase the explicit images of Taylor Swift but one picture remained, which garnered 47 million views.

X has removed keywords like “Taylor Swift” and “Taylor Swift AI” to make sure the content is seen.

Congressmen from both parties condemned the spread of pictures and urged appropriate action against those responsible for the appalling act.

No Federal Laws

There are currently no laws that criminalize the share of deepfake sexually explicit imagery in the United States.

The use of deepfakes have become an ethical issue for people as billions of people vote in elections this year across the globe

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