Google is Restricting Chatbot Gemini From US Election Comments

Google is restricting its own chatbot, Gemini, from commenting on upcoming US elections in November.

The company said the chatbot will not answer queries related to elections that are expected to be held in other countries as well.

Google’s Indian chapter said that due to the sensitive nature of elections, its chatbot will not provide information about candidates, political parties, and other election-related elements.

Google Restricting Chatbot

The decision comes three months after the company announced limiting election-related material in December.

However, the recent announcement specifically mentioned the US elections and elections taking place in India.

To queries such as “tell me about President Joe Biden,” the chatbot now replies: “I’m still learning how to answer this question. In the meantime, try Google search.”

Tech giants have come under intense scrutiny after fears that Artificial Intelligence could intervene and make fake images, videos, and calls in the crucial election year.

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