Hawaii Airport Halts Operations After Grenades Were Found in Luggage

Hawaii’s Hilo International Airport had to suspend operations for a few hours after the airport security found grenade- like items in luggage.

The suspect, a Japanese man, was arrested immediately for carrying dangerous objects which were later revealed to be inert.

The operations resumed two hours after the man was sent to a detention facility. 

Japanese Man Arrested

The Hawaii Police Department said that they responded to a request of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) staff recently. 

“Two items resembling grenades were detected during x-ray screening within a carry-on bag,” the statement said.

The police later revealed that the bomb disposal squad examined the items and found them to be non-threatening.

Akito Fukushima

A Japanese man named Akito Fukushima was arrested on suspicion of “first-degree terroristic threatening” and was sent to the East Hawaii detention facility, the police said.

The investigation is still underway as police investigate to find out where the items came from.

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