China Military Shows Up on NATO’s Border During Summit

As the NATO members joined a summit aimed at countering the Russian aggression, the Chinese military showed up on the Polish border.

Belarus borders Poland, which is a NATO country and has military bases run by the United States.

US officials said they were examining the exercises with caution that are taking place at a crucial time. 

First Ever Military Exercises

The western leaders are watching the exercise with extreme caution as it has never happened in the past.

POLITICO reported that it was the first time China was teaming up with a sanctioned Russian-allied country at the border with the West to conduct joint military exercises.

NATO’s Chief Secretary Jens Stoltenberg’s warning appeared to be proven right as he said previously that China was the main enabler of Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Experts believe China may remain a party to any future escalation of war in Europe, POLITICO reported.

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